Picking out a Great Guest Outfit for a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are becoming more popular, and we can see why! Getting married at this time of the year has some handy advantages. For example, reception venues tend to charge less in the winter and wedding guests are often more likely to be free to attend.

But, winter weddings do create a few challenges too. So, today we’re helping wedding guests to choose the right winter outfit.

The right dress

First, let’s talk dress options! We know that lots of women love to wear a dress to a wedding. Here you can see that there are some really nice longer dresses out there. Generally speaking, long dresses work really well for a winter wedding.They keep the cold at bay and have a lovely winter feel about them.

If you’ve only been invited to the evening reception a full-length cocktail, party or maxi dress can be a great choice. For the ceremony, consider buying a layered one. That extra layer will make you feel even warmer. Even if it is only a layer of thin fabric, air will be trapped between the two layers of material, making it much more toasty. If you can’t find a layered dress, opting for one that is lined will still make a positive difference.

The right jacket

You are definitely going to need a jacket, brrrrr. Naturally, it needs to fit in with the rest of your outfit. We love jackets that let your dress shine through too, so cuts that don’t cover your dress up too much, but still keep you warm enough can work really well.

A nice silky scarf is worth thinking about too. The right one will look great and protect you from the worst of the cold too.

A word about footwear

Keeping your feet warm and dry is super important obvs! At the very least, you want to be wearing a pair of closed in shoes. Finding boots that will work for a wedding outfit can be tricky, but, they are out there, so it is worth at least taking a look if you like the idea.

Where to find more tips

There’s more handy winter dressing tips in this article that you may find helpful. Most of them work just as well for when you are buying a wedding outfit as they do for more everyday clothes.

Winter wedding attire for the bride

We’ve covered finding the perfect outfit if you are a guest. If you are a bride who is planning to marry in the colder months and are wondering what to wear, we have you covered too! Over the years, we’ve written loads of posts for winter brides. Have a peek here

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