Make your own wedding rings – Brighton photoshoot!

Natalie and Stella made their own wedding rings at Elizabeth Anne Norris’ workshop in Hove. Gemma, Betti Confetti Photography, documented the process, which was topped off with a glass of bubbly and an engagement shoot! Natalie tells all…

First things first, how did you two lovebirds meet?

We met online on OK Cupid and realised we had many mutual friends and had been to a lot of the same events but, strangely, never met before. We had an incredible first date at Patterns, a Brighton nightclub, playing table tennis and drinking cocktails. 

When did you get engaged?

We knew from an early stage that we wanted to build a future together (unfortunately there isn’t a romantic engagement story) we just knew we both felt the same and wanted to get married so began planning. We are currently both starting businesses so have put our wedding back another year. I am building on my events skills and developing a wedding planning business as well as other events and Stella is building her artist brand with her identical twin sister, Two Faced Twins. 

So, how was the workshop?

We both loved the workshop. We had so much fun from start to finish and Elizabeth & Gemma were so great. Stella and I felt that not only was it a jewellery making workshop but a special experience to share together, we felt incredible afterwards.

Why did wanted to make your own rings, versus buying them?

We saw that you could make your own rings at the FairyTale Wedding Fair. By then we had already looked at lots of different rings and nothing really felt like ‘us’ so we thought this was a beautiful idea. We could make our own designs just like we wanted them and doing it together added a little extra romance. 

What were your designs then? And what was your inspiration?!

We made black rings with a rose gold line in the middle. I love the colour black and wanted it to be different than the usual gold wedding bands we often see. We inscribed ‘You’re so cool’ on the inside as we are both really inspired by the movie True Romance and it has been a running theme in our relationship. 

What would you say to someone considering whether to make their own?

Do it! I would highly recommend this workshop, I think it’s adds a really special touch to spend the day together and being creative, knowing that nobody else has the same ring as you that and it was made especially for you as a couple and who you are. 

How did the engagement shoot go?

The photoshoot afterwards was super fun, we loved how Gemma encouraged us to be ourselves and just spend time together to get natural, candid shots. I much prefer this over posed shots and we just made each other laugh the whole time and absolutely loved the results.

Congrats! Sounds like a fab day… talking of which, what you have you got planned for your big day?

We definitely want a summer, outdoor, forest wedding with really fun music in a sort of rockabilly, blues style and will absolutely have the True Romance theme tune played on electric guitar by my friend Ben to walk down the aisle! We both want matching Dr. Martens too, maybe glittery gold ones with ‘Just Married’ on the back. We want it to be fun, classy yet casual and laid back, our main aim is to make it as fun as possible for us and our family and friends.

Find out more about how to make your wedding rings here and contact Gemma if you’d like your day photographed like Natalie and Stella, or to book a separate, natural pre-wedding shoot:

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