Wedding budget 101: Money saving tips for your big day

If you’re planning your wedding, but your budget is tight, you may be worried that you can’t have the magical day you’ve always dreamed of. Well, that’s just not true!

Many brides are planning their big day based on a smaller budget than what their parents had, but thanks to varying trends and shifting traditions – weddings are much more flexible and that means, so is the cost!

Here you’ll find a few helpful tips and a little food for thought on how you can save money on your wedding and still have the one you’ve always dreamed of.


We begin with a sizable chunk of any wedding budget: the catering. If you have lots of guests and a rather high-end price per head then you’re going to be looking at an expensive meal, and that’s not forgetting the drinks and the possible cost of a buffet for later in the evening! Why not swap a traditional sit-down meal for a wedding breakfast with a difference? Shake things up with a BBQ style buffet or search online for hog roast machines for hire.

Check with the venue first that they allow outside catering of course – you could also encourage guests to bring their own drinks – or go a step further and create your very own cocktail bar with spirits and mixers from the supermarket. This alone with slash your catering budget dramatically.  


Live bands and DJ’s don’t come cheap when it comes to wedding parties…so why not create your own entertainment for a fraction of the price? It’s easy enough to create your own music playlist, with songs that are special to you and your partner, soft gentle music for the daytime and something more upbeat for the evening to get everyone up dancing!

Why not create your own photobooth? All you’d need is a tablet and a make-shift tent – don’t forget the props! Many of which you can pick up at discount shops on the high-street!


We all know that holidays aren’t cheap, and the types of resort we dream of for our honeymoons usually come with a hefty price tag. So, as a solution – instead of asking for gifts for your wedding, request that family and friends contribute towards your honeymoon fund instead.

Don’t feel awkward asking for money, most people would prefer that their gift went toward something special, rather than it never being used (we’re talking x3 toasters and a waffle maker stuck in the cupboard for the next 20 years). After the wedding, you can see what your budget is like and then book a romantic trip away to a destination of your choice!

Other ways include:

Be strict with your guest list: If you haven’t seen/spoken to them in the past year – they’re not invited!

Ask friends and family: Got a star-baker of a sister? Or a nephew who’s a budding photographer? Get them on board.

Get creative: Invitations, table centrepieces, place-cards, even your wedding shoes – don’t be afraid to try a little DIY!

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