Food and Drink For Your Wedding – What Should Be On Your Menu?

At any wedding, catering is right at the top of the list of priorities. Your guests need to be fed and watered, but you don’t want to break the bank at the same time. Here, we take a look at what should be on your wedding menu.


Finger food – All parties, never mind a wedding reception, benefit from finger food that guests can help themselves to. Pizza slices, sandwiches and oriental bites are all party favourites that can be tailored to everyone’s specific tastes and dietary requirements.

Something sweet – Obviously the cake is the main attraction of any wedding reception, but you can never have too much of the sweet stuff when there is cause for celebration. Chocolate delights, such as a chocolate fountain where you can dip marshmallows and strawberries, as well as sweets are sure to go down well with adults and children alike.

Vegetarian options – With lots of guests at your reception, there is a good chance that there will be the need for a vegetarian option. Make sure to provide meat-free alternatives and check out any special dietary needs your guests may have.

Main course – As it is your wedding, what is on the menu is completely up to you, but try to ensure that there are plenty of options for those fussier eaters. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to boast the fanciest menu at your wedding – in fact, fish and chips and street food vans are growing in popularity when it comes to wedding catering options. If you are looking at how you can keep costs down to a minimum, because we all know that weddings are expensive, consider steering clear of that over-the-top menu. 


Champagne/Prosecco – Your guests will be wanting to toast the happy couple and, to do this, they require a glass of bubbly. In an ideal world, champagne and prosecco would come out of a tap instead of water, unfortunately that isn’t the case and the price of a bottle certainly isn’t cheap. For many, it just isn’t financially feasible to have numerous bottles on the go throughout the evening, so only look to provide enough for a glass or two per person for the toasts.

Wine – With so many different types of wine available, finding the right taste can be a complex one. To keep things simple, provide only red and white wine for your reception. As wine lovers will know, sparking wine and champagne are pretty much the same drink, with only the location where the drink is made being the difference.

Beer – For many, beer will be the drink of choice during the night and an open bar can result in a costly figure from the venue. Provide at least two or three options of beer for those who prefer either lager or bitter and consider only having an open bar for the first hour or two of the reception, where there after guests will have to pay for their own drinks. If you are supplying your own drinks, then take great consideration in how you store them at the venue.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Not everybody is a drinker, either because they simply don’t like alcohol, are a designated driver or just do not want to drink. On top of this, there has to be options for children to drink, so make sure that your venue offer soft drinks and juice for guests, otherwise you will have some thirsty guests.

With our suggestions above, we are confident that your guests will be happy, fed and watered and that a good time will be had by all on your big day!

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