How to create your perfect wedding gift list

As you plan what may possibly be the most unforgettable day of your life, it’s easy to focus primarily on the core elements. These include your wedding gown, venue, guest list, cake, flowers and transport options. It may not be until someone asks you, or one of your relatives or friends, what might be an appropriate wedding present that you realise there’s yet another task to complete. Your job is to create a wedding gift list that’s right for you as well as your other half. If you’re struggling and don’t know where to begin, here are a few tips that might help.

Make an early start

Aim to put your gift list together as soon as possible after you send out invitations to guests (or ideally at the same time). That is because guests will begin to ask about presents straight away. Generally, people like to know what items you will value most, so creating a list with a single supplier, such as a department store you love, is often a good idea. If you hastily put together a wedding gift list as an afterthought, and decide not to use a single supplier, you may well find yourself confronted with identical gifts, which is a waste of everybody’s time and money.

Choose gifts for every budget 

It’s not a good idea to settle only on high-end items at an expensive retailer, no matter how much you crave them, as you are likely to cause embarrassment to guests who find their budget won’t quite stretch to include your chosen luxury goods. Instead, select useful gifts across a realistic price range. If you’re desperate for a specific collection of tableware, for example, make sure the option to choose a cruet set or a sauceboat are in there along with dozens of dinner plates and fancy tureens.

Offer plenty of choice

Weddings are very special events and some guests may well fondly remember their own wedding gifts and will want to give you traditional presents, such as elegant glassware. You will thank them for this over time as you continue to enjoy graceful and stylish brandy or gin glasses down the years. With a wide range of designs available, you might want to choose something that is contemporary as a permanent reminder of your wedding era, especially if it can be personalised. Don’t be afraid to ask for this if it’s something you really want, as personalisation is relatively inexpensive but can make a huge difference.

Make it personal

 It’s important to select gifts that reflect who you and your partner are, rather than who you think you ought to be. If you’re really keen on having an eco-friendly wedding, for example, then create your joint wedding gift list with this in mind. Opt for presents you’re comfortable with and suggest innovative gifts such as a voucher for a meal for two at a sustainable restaurant, useful kitchen items made from bamboo or a set of stainless steel pots and pans.

Think outside the (wedding) box

Many couples these days live together for some time before taking the decision to marry, which means that some of the traditional gifts associated with equipping a new home together become less relevant. If that is the case you have an opportunity to be bold about your preferences and, in fact, completely abandon the whole ‘domestic appliance’ menu if you so choose. Instead, it’s perfectly fine to ask for a monetary gift towards your chosen honeymoon, or even to simply ask guests to make a contribution towards your wedding fund, so you can choose how to spend the donations you receive.

The greatest gift

Finally, if you’ve been together for some time and you really don’t want any traditional home start-up items, you can always consider asking your wedding guests to make a contribution to a good cause of your choice in your name. In fact, this is a lovely way to add an extra touch to your special day, because you and your other half will feel good about it, as will your family and friends. The knowledge that your wedding is doing wonders for those less fortunate via support for a registered charity provides a big boost all round. There are plenty of good causes to contribute to, so whether you prefer to sponsor medical research, support for children or animal welfare, there are plenty to choose from.

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