Choosing the Right Outfit for the Best Man

It is only natural for everyone in the wedding party to want to look their very best, including the groomsman. They know that they are going to be part of the action and that they are likely to be in a lot of the wedding photos and videos too, so naturally they will want to be wearing an outfit that suits them.

Given the fact that the best man often plays such a big role, it will be important for him to be well dressed and feel comfortable. To help you to get the best mans outfit right we have put together this simple buying guide.

Attire that complements the theme of the wedding

A good place to start is making sure that what he wears fits in with the overall wedding. One approach that can work well is to have him wear more or less the same outfit as the groom.

For example, if the groom is going to be wearing a Victorian style suit, with a frock coat, the best man could too. You can easily create enough difference between how the two men are dressed by getting the groomsman to wear a different colour or cut of waistcoat. As you can see here, there are plenty of waistcoat cuts and designs to choose from.

Getting the fit right

Naturally, it’s important that the suit fits properly. A good approach is to buy a good quality off the peg suit, and have it adjusted to fit.

Asking the best man to try on his entire outfit including items like the belt and tie can also help make sure that everything fits perfectly on the day.

Practical considerations

It sounds obvious, but it’s also good to make sure that the best man is able to move freely in his suit. Trying on the entire outfit and checking he can move freely and bend and crouch ok in his suit can prevent unwanted wardrobe malfunctions on the big day!


The best man needs a jacket that has a pocket into which he can put the rings. Some off the peg suits have their pockets stitched up so that they hang well on the hanger. So it’s good to check for this and remove this stitching before arriving at the ceremony venue.

Comfortable footwear

It is important for the best man to be wearing a comfortable pair of shoes too, which ideally he has broken in before the day of the wedding. In all likelihood he will be spending a lot of time on his feet, so it’s good to make sure that he’s going to be comfortable, and maybe even able to drop a move or two on the dance floor come the wedding reception!

Personal grooming

Naturally, the best man will want to be well groomed. It can be a good idea to have a clothes brush to hand and maybe even a way of polishing his shoes should they get scuffed during the day. Leaving these items in his car or asking a friend or relative to carry them can be a useful tip.

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