A Shopping Guide to Wedding Guest Dresses

Everybody loves a wedding. As well as being a chance to catch up with friends and family, it is a great opportunity to dress up for the guests as well as the happy couple. Most wedding guests treat themselves to a special outfit.

Shopping for wedding guest clothes can be fun, as you get to try on something a bit different and spend a bit more than you might normally do. However, because you are likely to be spending more money on your outfit you’ll want to make sure that it is just right. To help you to do this we have put together these simple wedding guest outfit shopping tips to help you find that perfect outfit.

Allow yourself enough time

One mistake people often make is leaving things to the last minute. When you are buying a special outfit this isn’t a great idea. Sometimes you can be lucky and find something that you like after just a few hours shopping. However, this doesn’t always happen and you can end up last minute panic buying (we’ve all been there!). Or even if you find the right outfit, you can still struggle to find the accessories that you need if you haven’t left enough time.

Get some inspiration

To make things easier it is always worth spending a bit of time browsing online and flicking through magazines. For wedding guest dresses ideas Simply Bee are great. They update their range on a very regular basis and sell all of the accessories you might need, so for wedding guest outfits they really are a one-stop shop.

The practicalities

When you are looking for a wedding outfit, it’s not just about looking good. You need to feel confident in it and it needs to be practical too. Make sure you can walk easily in the shoes and that the handbag or clutch you choose is big enough to carry what you need for the day.

Have a dry run

Once you have bought everything you need take the time to try it all on together. If possible, do this at least two weeks before the wedding. That way if there’s a problem you will have enough time to sort it.

When you try your outfit on try to do it in natural light, and in front of a full-length mirror. Don’t forget to check how it looks from the back and the sides too.

Check for freedom of movement

As well as trying your outfit on, make sure that it gives you enough freedom of movement too. Sit down, walk around, fold your arms in front of you and reach up to make sure that your outfit’s not too tight. You could even try out a few dance moves while you are wearing it!

We hope that by following the simple tips above, you will be able to find a great looking wedding outfit that will fit well and be practical as well. Just the ticket! 

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