Sussex Couples’ 10 Most Popular Honeymoon Destinations

One of the best things about planning your wedding is most definitely taking time out to flick through brochures (or just even Google) dreamy destinations to visit on your honeymoon. Honeymoons are the icing on the (wedding) cake as far as we’re concerned, when it comes to celebrating your marriage (YAY!), as it gives you precious time together to have adventures or just chill out after a busy pre-wedding build-up.

However, deciding just where to go – with so many choices – can cause honeymoon headaches. To inspire your once-in-a-lifetime trip, we’ve collated Sussex couples’ top ten honeymoon destinations, from the last 100 couples weddings we’ve featured… enjoy!   

1.The Maldives

Ah, the Maldives. White sands, turquoise seas, palm trees – in a word: paradise! We can certainly see why it’s such a popular dream destination for so many couples from Sussex and beyond. Chill out in post-wedded bliss on tropical shores, go snorkelling and enjoy cocktails as the sun sets.

2.New York

Food, shopping and architecture more your thing? New York – the city that never sleeps – could be the perfect destination for you! Take in the amazing sights, stroll through Central Park and indulge in some of the finest restaurants in the world like Love Sussex Weddings readers Anna and Chris, Francesca and Matt and Louise and Lee.

3.St Lucia

With volcanic beaches, reef diving sites and many a luxury hotel, St Lucia sounds like honeymoon perfection to us, as you can do as little or as much as you want to! Have well-deserved TLC time on your sunbed or explore the island – by foot, car or snorkel.


Paris Honeymoon

Paris is not nicknamed the city of love for no reason, y’know. Vintage icon Audrey Hepburn said ‘Paris is always a good idea’ and we can’t argue with her – especially when it comes to being a dream honeymoon destination. Marvel in the beauty of the buildings (like the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral), treat yourself to all the croissants, French bread, wine and cheese as humanly possible and spend lazy loved-up days strolling hand-in-hand around the beautiful boulevards.

5.Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! Perhaps not the stereotypical honeymoon destination, but for couples such as Ella and James, Vojin and Chrysso and Shona and Brian it was a must on their to-visit-list. Shunning tropical beaches for casinos, bright lights and 24 hour shopping – along with trips to the amazing Grand Canyon, Vegas is a fab honeymoon destination for couples who want FUN! 


The gorgeous Greek island, Santorini, with its white higgledy-piggledy buildings, beautiful blue domed churches and laidback way of life is one of the most popular European honeymoon destinations. So much so our feature writer Shelley (and her husband Scott) jetted off there for honeymoon (part one), as did Sussex couples Colette and Andy and Lulu and Ryan.   


Beautiful Bali with its mix of stunning scenery, tropical beaches and enchanting culture is a holiday destination that seemingly everyone is dreaming of jetting to – so it comes as no surprise that it’s one of THE most popular honeymoon hotspots for Sussex couples in 2017. It’s a great place to explore and stay in multiple hotels – adding an adventurous twist to your honeymoon.


Looking for a seriously cool honeymoon? Look no further than Iceland. At just a few hours’ flight away from the UK, the magical island with its dramatic scenery, wilderness lodges and breath-taking Northern Lights sightings is a wonderful option for a shorter honeymoon (or minimoon). Don’t forget to visit the Blue Lagoon – a geothermal spa for a truly fabulous post-wedding treat.


Once associated with backpackers and adventurers, thanks to its wealth of things to see and do, Vietnam is fast becoming a dreamy destination for loved up couples and honeymooners alike. Relax in wedding bliss on the beach, try local delicacies from one of the many street food sellers (definitely one for the foodies!) or visit the ruins of capital city Phan Rang–Tháp Chàm. Or do like the explorers and experience it all!

10.Multi-destination honeymoons

Multi destination honeymoon

Or massivemoons as we like to call them! If you can’t decide on just one location – why not fit two, or more in? For example visiting the Maldives and Sri Lanka, ticking off Thailand and Malaysia (just like Sussex newlyweds Candice and James) and even spending a fun-filled few days in Orlando, followed by a relaxing beach break in The Bahamas (a la Becky and Christian) are just a few options when planning a multi-destination honeymoon. For those wanting to start married life with a truly epic honeymoon; take a leaf out of Brighton newlyweds Julie and Sam’s book and go backpacking around the world!

We hope this has given you some honeymoon inspiration. Or if you’ve already decided where you’re off to, we’d love to hear about your plans too, don’t forget to comment below!


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