5 Reasons Why My Wedding Day Was The Best Day Ever!

Photography by Chris Giles

Today we are EXTRA-excited to bring you brides and grooms-to-be some notes from the other side, as Love Sussex Weddings feature writer, Shelley shares her post wedding musings on why her beautiful Brighton bandstand wedding day ended up being her best. day. EVER!

Over to our gorgeous and newly-wed Brighton Belle, Shelley…

It feels so cliché to say it (well write it) but I can hand on heart say that Saturday 25th June was the best day of my life. And no, it wasn’t because everything went to plan OR because we had a wedding planner co-ordinating everything – in fact, we did most of it ourselves for a budget of less than £5K – it was all due to the fun of the big day. So, if like me (in the run up to our wedding), you’re stressing yourself silly; stop, relax and read this. Because, I’m sure you will have the best day too.

I spent it with the people I love most

When was the last time that you had a whole day with your nearest and dearest? For me, getting everyone together (and seeing unlikely friendships form!) was one of the best things about our wedding day. My nans nattering over a glass of fizz, both mums dancing together, our nephew and nieces from both sides meeting and chasing each other for most of the day and friends – both old and new – laughing together; it was wonderful. If you can, take a step back and just observe this happening at your wedding. You won’t regret it! 

Being the centre of attention was strangely nice!

To put it bluntly; Kimye we are not. Before the wedding I’m not going to lie, I was concerned how much we would both cope with everyone’s gaze firmly on us. We’re quite quiet and like our own space, but actually, I liked it! I had my hair and makeup done, I felt awesome in my dress and I giggled all the way through our first dance and yep, I loved showing off a little. Well, if you can’t on your wedding day, when can you eh?

Everything worked OK… in the end!

That doesn’t mean that everything went right though. We had dreamt of an outdoor ceremony but the rumbles of thunder in the distance and crazy high winds meant we actually said I do in a café (it was lovely and very intimate!). I’d also spent ages sourcing sports day games which I sort of forgot (oops!) to tell people about/ instruct someone to get them set up, but oh well. I’m pretty sure that even if something does go wrong, it would still be the best day – there’s so much to be happy about!

I spent the evening dancing with my favourite people 

Me being me (read over-organised), our fantastic and patient DJ had already been presented with our playlist of songs and had loads to go on. This meant that EVERY tune was either a favourite of ours or a guest’s and so saw the dancefloor filled from first dance to wind down time. And this is most definitely where the fun happened! At one point (when Cotton Eye Joe was on. Yes we are so cool!) there was a random country-dancing-partner-swapping section which was one of my most favourite moments of the day, being swung around by different guests. The photos (by our brilliant photographer Chris Giles) really capture the essence of this and it continues to make me smile now!

I married my best friend

I’m sure we’ve all seen those quotes on social media. You know the ones I mean that are slightly nausea-inducing and say how they married their best friend etc. Sadly (or should I say happily?!) I’m now nodding along with them. I get it. The best thing about our wedding was ending the day married to the person I love most in the world and the one I want to take on life with. To put it simply, everything could have gone wrong and as long as we said I do – the day would have served its actual purpose. Yeah, eating cake, drinking fizz and being all dressed up is lovely but six weeks later, when the chaos has died down and real life kicks in, all we have is each other. He’s my Mr and I’m his Mrs. And that’s a pretty fantastic feeling.

Photography by Chris Giles

So please, don’t despair. It really doesn’t matter if the napkins don’t match the bridesmaids’ dresses or if the caterer rocks up with a Victoria sponge rather than a carrot cake; whatever happens you will have the best day! Just enjoy it!

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    Lovely article. Sound like they had the best day ever.

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