A stunning Willow pattern hand-painted wedding cake by MurrayMe Cakes

Today we are handing over to the uber talented Natalie from Brighton based, MurrayMe to hear all about her beautiful hand painted wedding cakes and her latest Willow Pattern wedding cake design. . .

My obsession with painting started at a very young age. My mum says she distinctly remembers noticing my drawing skills were better than the average five year olds the first time she saw my work at nursery. I know, I know – all mums would say that their childs work was better than anothers, but on this occasion, I can’t help but belive her story because ever since I can remember, I’ve not been able to live without my pencils and paintbrushes.

So how did MurrayMe  come about? I always knew I’d go into something ‘arty’ and I’ve always wanted to run my own business. Having got married a couple of years ago, I spent a lot of time on wedding blogs and websites. I stumbled across an article about painted cakes one day, and I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. I’d never heard of this kind of thing before, and I certainly had no idea that you could paint something so detailed and beautiful onto icing. With a love of cake too (well, I am a girl!) I just couldn’t imagine anything more well suited to my talents, and the decision was immediate that I must give it a go.

My first attempt went so well that I knew I was onto something big, and I haven’t looked back since. Although it’s still relatively early days for MurrayMe , my bookings for 2015 are already starting to fill up (hooray!)

I thought I’d share a special cake with you today. It’s a cake inspired by the gorgeous 18th century Willow pattern that you find on old china and crockery.

I love this pattern; it reminds me of my childhood and visting my grandparents house when I was little. I decided I’d have a go at painting this distinctive pattern on a cake, not only because I love it, but because it has quite a different look and feel to most of my other painted cake designs. It’s less about the depth of colour and multi-tonal florals I usually depict. The Willow pattern is far more intricate and needed finer detail, so I actually hand drew most of the design with an edible ink pen. It was a time consuming process, but I think the end result shows it was all worth it.

This cake has got me excited about all the other patterns and iconic imagery that I could use for my cake designs. I’ve recently been approached by a gorgeous couple from Brighton who are getting married at The Brighton Pavilon and wondered if I could incorporate the amazing dragon wallpaper into their cake design. I’m really looking forward to this one…watch this space!

You can see more of my hand-painted cake designs, and details of prices and how to order on my website (www.cakes.murrayme.co.uk).

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4 Responses to A stunning Willow pattern hand-painted wedding cake by MurrayMe Cakes

  1. lovesussexweddings says:

    It’s stunning isn’t it? Glad you like it too ( :

  2. Donna Lovold says:

    How gorgeous! I just married ( small wedding- 2ND time) and this past year and wanted a blue and white chinoiserie cake and couldn’t find anyone to do it. Wish I had known about your talent then!! I could try to have a ” do over”!

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  4. Lizzie says:

    Hi this cake is so beautiful, I was just researching Chinese themed cakes because I would like to try entering a cake competition again and thought I would like to work with this theme. Please can you tell me what colour and paint you used for the design and what pens you used? I have used pure coco butter mixed with powders before but and shellac mixed with colours but this is drys to quickly and is makes the brushes clagg and coco butter I don’t think would be suitable. I would really appreciate you getting back to me. You are so talented! Many thanks Lizzie

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