Exquisite cocktails for a splash of 1920s glamour at your wedding

It’s all about cocktails here on Love Sussex Wedding today. We’re handing over to London’s The 43 Club for some hot insider cocktail tips, including how to make a mean Bellini and add a splash of 1920’s glamour to your wedding! Chin chin!

Cocktails have always evoked a certain devilish decadence. Requiring precise amounts of spirits, liqueurs, fruit juices and fizz, these are no ordinary drinks. How you mix them together can completely change the look and flavour. Combined with opulent glasses and colourful garnishes, cocktails can easily be altered to suit the occasion – perfect when you’re looking for something delicious and unique to refresh your wedding guests with.

The art of mixing spirits with sweet and bitter ingredients has a long history. However, the point in time when cocktails took on their opulent and indulgent associations was during the Prohibition Era. Although alcohol was banned in the US between 1919 and 1933, cocktails were still consumed in secretive speakeasies across the nation.

Over here in the UK, American bartenders who wanted to carry on mixing drinks sought employment on British soil. They soon found a thirsty audience of millionaires, shows girls and anyone looking for a good time. Within infamous London clubs and popular nightspots, enchanting combinations of liquors and mixers were created and quaffed.

A mobile cocktail bar is a fantastic way for couples to evoke the glamour of the 1920s on their wedding day. Not only are guests treated to fabulous drinks that taste amazing, each one is served with style and flair by a knowledgeable bartender. With taste buds enchanted, conversation is sure to flow.

Rewfus Bode is one of the master mixologists at The 43 Club. Inspired by London’s notorious nightspot at 43 Gerrard Street, these cocktail creators serve up stylish tipples wherever they’re required. For brides and grooms looking for something special, they’ll even concoct a custom-made cocktail to shake up on the big day. However, Rewfus says you can’t go wrong with a classic Bellini.

“If you want a decadent drink to impress guests, the Bellini is the way to go. It was invented in 1934 by Giuseppe Cirpiani, head bartender at Harry’s Bar in Venice. Giuseppe’s favourite artist was Giovanni Bellini and the colour of the drink reminded him of one of his paintings.”

Simple to make with only three ingredients, the flavoursome Bellini is a sure-fire winner at your wedding.


25ml White Peach Puree

10ml Peach Liqueur

75ml Prosecco

Although straightforward to make, many people make the mistake of building a Bellini – pouring the puree in first then the Prosecco. What happens is the puree sits at the bottom of the glass, meaning your guests have to faff around with cocktail stirrers or wait till the end to taste the peach.

Why waste that gorgeous flavour? The best way to create a Bellini is stir all the ingredients in a boston cocktail shaker over ice. This brings all those delicious flavours together and gets the drink really chilled. Once in the glass, top your cocktail up with more ice cold Prosecco. As this is an Italian drink, no other fizz will do.

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