Choosing the Right Wedding Ring for You in Brighton & Sussex (Updated 2017)

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Buying wedding rings or engagement rings can be a daunting and overwhelming process, after all; you’re going to be wearing it each and every day, forever! To find out how to choose the perfect style to suit you, we caught up with the lovely Olivia Burgess, head of Customer Service at the fabulous Brighton, East Sussex based Wedding Rings Direct:

Hello Olivia and Wedding Rings Direct, it’s great to chat to you! So, let’s start with your Brighton showroom; can you tell us a bit about it?

The majority of people purchase their wedding rings through our online shop, however we understand that it’s important for people to come and see us if they want to. Our Managing Director, Anthony and I absolutely love seeing customers and our Brighton showroom offers a chance for brides and grooms to have a personal one-to-one appointment; where they can view our collection and be guided through the process of finding their perfect rings. You can book an appointment by calling 01273 696515 or by registering online.

That’s a fantastic service! So, what other exclusive services do you provide?

Sussex based Wedding Rings Direct was launched in 2000 and we’ve been helping Brighton , Sussex and UK brides and grooms ever since. Our collection is vast and so our website is designed to guide people through the process of finding the right rings.

We also offer a unique sample service where customers can borrow up to 10 silver rings, for a small charge, with the same features as their real rings; this ensures they are completely happy with the size, profile, width etc. before purchasing their actual rings. Once you place your order we will start making your rings, which usually takes two to four weeks depending on the ring design. Your rings will be sent to you Royal Mail Special Delivery and we will communicate with you throughout your order until you receive your perfect rings. We understand the importance of your purchase and we want to make the process as straight-forward and stress-free as possible.
Rings from Wedding Rings Direct

Sounds perfect! What top tips can you give brides and grooms-to-be about choosing a wedding ring?

There are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect rings. Budget is obviously extremely important and this can vary hugely with different ring specifications. Metal choice is important to consider and will have an impact on budget. Some brides opt for the same metal as their engagement ring for their wedding ring to ensure the colour of the rings match. It’s important to research the metal and know what the ring will be exposed to every day, and whether the metal chosen will withstand every day wear and tear. Another important consideration is the style of the ring, whether it’s a traditional plain wedding ring or something a bit unique such as decorative or wooden rings.
And do you have any tips about choosing an engagement ring too?

The 4 C’s are a good place to start when trying to understand diamond engagement rings; cut, colour, carat and clarity. The most popular diamond cuts are brilliant (round stones) and princess (square stones). There are other cuts available such as emerald and marquise. The colour of the diamond is measured on a scale from D – a true white diamond to Z, (as the gradings progress through the alphabet to Z, the diamonds take on a yellowish tone).

Carat is often confused with size however it actually refers to the weight. There are average dimensions for each carat size. Clarity is the visual appearance of internal characteristics of a diamond called inclusions and surface defects called blemishes. The GIA diamond grading scale is divided into six categories, starting with FL (Flawless) and moving through to Included category (I). The most popular gradings are VS (Very Slightly Included catergory) and SI (Slightly Included Category).

Other considerations include the metal of the band; the most popular engagement rings come in platinum, palladium or white gold. However yellow gold is still a popular choice, usually a white gold head is recommended so the stone doesn’t appear yellow.

Style is also important as this needs to be a reflection of your future wife’s everyday style as she will be wearing the ring every day. There are traditional choices such as single stone solitaire rings or something truly unique using our bespoke service. What can you tell us about how a wedding ring should fit with an engagement ring?

Brides generally do like their wedding ring to fit perfectly next to their engagement ring and this makes them more comfortable to wear together. Getting the depth and profile the same makes a big difference to how they sit together. Many engagement rings will have a slightly raised stone(s) for a ring to fit next to it. Others will be set lower, meaning you will need a shaped wedding ring if you want the ring to fit right next to your engagement ring. If you love the design of a shaped ring but it doesn’t fit quite right next to your engagement ring, our bespoke service can make you a ring to fit exactly.

We love the idea of having a wedding ring made from scratch to any design, can you tell us a bit about your bespoke service?

The very nature of a bespoke ring is that it will be created especially for you and therefore be completely unique. Inputting your own ideas, whether they be personal or amalgamating a number of ideas from other designs, will create a unique ring which is special to you.

The bespoke process starts with nailing down a clear list of specifications; width, metal, depth, finger size, stones, design elements (grooves, dots etc) and engraving with the customer; additional inspiration in the form of images or links is also extremely helpful.

Once we have a clear understanding of what the customer is after we can start to create a picture and then calculate a quote for the piece. It may be that we can suggest a ring similar to one on the site and we will be able to personalise it. 

Your vintage inspired range of wedding rings are our favourites, what are your most popular wedding rings this year?

We love the vintage inspired rings too! There are many different wedding ring styles, from decorative, wooden, shaped, two metal and the traditional choice, plain. We also have really unique rings, such as sandcast, moving block and laser-engraved for someone looking for a different style. Our most popular are the plain rings; a recent trend towards rose gold has seen an increase in popularity of this metal.

OK, so do most of your couples tend to choose rings that match each other or do people go for their own style these days?

Some brides and grooms really want their rings to match, but the majority will go for individual rings which match their individual style. Our ring sets usually come with a diamond in the women’s ring and without a diamond for the man’s ring.

What is an average spend on a wedding ring or engagement ring these days and do you have rings to suit any budget?

As we don’t have the overheads of high street shops and we make all our rings to order to your exact specifications, our prices are lower than the high street. Our average order is around £350 per ring.

Wow, that’s pretty impressive! We love Wedding Rings Direct’s fabulous service of being able to try out their rings in a silver before deciding on the perfect one. We’re also bowled over by the knowledge of team too, we would certainly feel in professional hands buying one of our biggest (not to mention lifelong!) purchases form them.

J If you would like any help or advice when choosing your perfect engagement or wedding rings contact Wedding Rings Direct on: 01273 696515

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