Elegant Invitations for Your Vintage Wedding

Your wedding invitation is the first hint your guests have of what to expect on W-Day. Trying to find the perfect design to suit your vintage wedding is a time-consuming process, especially when there’s so much lovely wedding stationery around. If you’re struggling to decide what to put in those ivory envelopes, here’s how to make your invitations unique and personal to you.

Unleash your inner graphic designer

Why settle for wedding invitations that aren’t quite right when you can create your own? Designing invites isn’t as complicated as it sounds. With a little bit of Adobe know-how (or a graphic designer friend), you can create beautiful wedding stationery at home. However, bear the following in mind:

• Think fonts – elegant, swirling text looks lovely but it’s a pain to read. Keep that in mind when deciding which typeface to use.
• Don’t skimp on paper quality – your wedding invite design might look amazing on screen but will fail to impress if printed out on low-quality paper. Invest in decent paper or send your design off to a professional printer.
• Measure the envelopes – it’s easy to get caught up on the design process but measuring the envelopes before you start will save stress later on.

Get crafty

If you lack the necessary computer skills for designing invites, put those hands to good use instead. Handmade wedding invitations will fit in perfectly if you’re planning to DIY other little touches too. Here’s a simple way to create a stunning invitation complete with miniature bunting.

Vintage wedding invitation DIY tutorial

What you need:

• Card
• Scissors
• Ribbon or string
• A vintage wedding photograph – you can usually find these in junk shops or raid the attic for a family photo
• Coloured felt or paper cut into diamonds
• Glue



How to do it:

1. Cut a rectangle out of a sheet of card that’s slightly smaller than the photograph you’re using. You could use lots of different images to make each invite unique. However, for large numbers, this isn’t practical so make copies of the photo you want to use. Glue it to the card frame.
2. To create the miniature bunting, arrange the diamond shapes along the ribbon or string and fold over to create triangles. Glue them in place, ensuring they all point in the same direction.

Vintage wedding stationery and invitation ideas

3. Arrange the bunting along the top of the card frame, securing at the back.
4. Write your names across the front.
5. Write or print your wedding details onto a second piece of card and stick that onto the back to hide the glue.
6. Seal it in an envelope and pop it in the post!

Home made vintage wedding invitation / stationery

Of course, not every bride and groom have time to craft 50+ wedding invitations in the run up to the big day. Luckily, there are plenty of wedding stationers out there who can provide beautiful invites in the vintage style you’re looking for.

Vintage Wedding Invitation Sussex

(See above invitation here)

For vintage-style wedding invitations that don’t cost the earth, The Invitation Boutique have a fine selection. Perfect if you’re watching the pennies, these inexpensive invites can be completely personalised – including the design if you can’t see one you like.

If you still want that handmade look, Wedding in a Teacup have a wide range of wedding stationery and items ideal for creative brides.

Wedding In A Teacup Wedding Stationery

It’s almost a shame to hide their invitations away in an envelope – each one is designed by them in their Brighton-based studio then personalised to suit your wedding. They also sell a variety of stamps, stickers and tags if you have crafty ideas of your own.


Thanks to Hannah Brookes for sending us over this lovely tutorial and guest post.

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