A Day at the Museum with Lisa Devlin ~ Sussex Engagement Shoot Ideas #2

These Sussex Engagement Shoot Ideas posts are all about — no prizes for guessing — giving you some inspiration and ideas for your own Sussex engagement shoot.

Lisa Devlin Engagement Shoot

All photography in this post by Lisa Devlin (Devlin Photos)

We love the idea of an engagement shoot saying something about who you are as a couple and Siobhan and Ben from Hove’s cute and quirky museum engagement shoot by amazing Brighton wedding photographer Lisa Devlin is a great example of how this can work beautifully.

Today we chat to Siobhan and Ben from Hove about their Brighton Booth Museum of Natural History engagement shoot. This shoot was first featured on the fab Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

Love Sussex Weddings: Hi Siobhan, so tell us how you and Ben met?


Siobhan: We met at university. We were in the same halls of residence in the first year of uni and were housemates for the next few years. We were good friends for a couple of years before we got together. We’d always got on really well together, socialized together, it all seemed to slot into place when we finally got together.
Love Sussex Weddings: Any proposal story to share?


Siobhan: Ben proposed on my birthday in August last year.  We had a fabulous day – Ben packed a picnic, we went for a stroll on the Downs, lots of sparkling wine and strawberries, followed by being taken out to dinner in a beautiful restaurant. Ben proposed in the restaurant that evening.  It was a perfect day from start to finish, ending in the best birthday present ever!!


Love Sussex Weddings: Aww that’s lovely, sounds like the perfect day. We love your engagement shoot, can you tell us where you got your inspiration for it?


Siobhan: Having asked some questions about myself and Ben to find out a bit about us and our personalities our photographer, Lisa suggested the location for our engagement shoot.
Love Sussex Weddings: It’s a great location. Can you tell us a bit about the day?


Siobhan: We had our engagement shoot at the Booth Museum of Natural History in Brighton. We’d been there a couple of times in the past, its quite a quirky place. Ben is an Ecologist so loves to spend hours wandering around places like that. He also bought a couple of specimen display boxes while we were there which we decorated with old photos of our parents and grandparents on their wedding days and used them as card boxes for our wedding day. After having lots of pictures taken among the curiosities of the Booth Museum we went across to the park for some outdoor shots. It was a really enjoyable experience.

Love Sussex Weddings: The photos are fab. Can you tell us how you found your photographer?


Siobhan: We found Lisa’s website online, and we loved her work so we got in contact with her.
Love Sussex Weddings: OK, so what advice would you give a friend who was not sure whether to have an engagement shoot?


Siobhan: I think an engagement shoot is a wonderful and invaluable idea. Both you and the photographer benefit from the shoot. It gives you an opportunity to meet your photographer, for them to get to know you and see what kind of pictures you like, how comfortable you are in front of the camera, discuss ideas for the day etc.
Love Sussex Weddings: That’s great advice. So any camera-shyness?


Siobhan: A little, we weren’t used to having pictures taken. But Lisa was great at making us feel at ease, she is very relaxed and fun to work with.
Love Sussex Weddings: It looks like you were having fun in the photos too. So finally can you tell us a little about your wedding, and why you chose to get married in Sussex?


Siobhan: We’ve lived in Sussex for 10 years now so we felt it would be lovely to get married here too. We had our ceremony and reception at The Walled Gardens at Cowdray, in Midhurst West Sussex. When we viewed the venue we fell in love with the gardens and knew it would be a perfect place for us to get married. We got married 3/06/12, and were joined by 100 of our friends and family. We put a lot of effort into planning all the details together, it all came together wonderfully in the end. We had a fantastic day, it was all we had dreamed of and more!

Ahh we love this shoot and wow Ben and Siobhan look amazing on their wedding day at the gorgeous Walled Gardens in Cowdray too don’t they!

So, thinking about the things that make you you and discussing these with your photographer can be a fantastic way of choosing a location for your Sussex engagement shoot location.

Sussex is so full of quirky locations like this that could be so cool for an engagement shoot too with our piers, museums, harbours, zoos, farms, beach huts and castles even! It might be worth thinking about how crowded somewhere is before choosing somewhere to be photographed too!

You can check out our previous Sussex engagement shoot ideas post here if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks so much to Siobhan and Ben and their fantastic wedding photographer Lisa Devlin for sharing this fab shoot with us today.

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